Davido, has taken a significant step in his career by launching a new record label.

Davido, the three-time Grammy nominee and Afrobeat pioneer, has taken a significant step in his career by launching a new record labelThis exciting venture, named Nine+ Records, is a collaboration with United Masters, a platform that recently expanded its presence to Nigeria123.

Under the tutelage of Steve Stoute, a seasoned executive, Davido will not only continue his journey as an artist but also embrace the role of a full-fledged executive. The label won’t be confined to Afrobeat alone; it aims to explore diverse genres such as hip-hop, R&B, Latin, and countryDavido and Stoute are casting a wide net to discover fresh talent and make a global impact1.

In Davido’s own words:

“There’s one thing that I’ll always love, which is nurturing new talent, bringing them up, and helping them grow. Since I came up from writing my first song, I’ve been helping my two cousins work on their music. I put them under my label, but it got to a point where I felt I needed some knowledge. I need some mentors to advise me. Some artists, all you need is one hit song, and your life can change. Sometimes, when you get to that point, you don’t have anybody to advise you on how to move and get good paperwork done.”1

This partnership signifies Davido’s commitment to supporting emerging artists and creating a space where creativity thrives. With Nine+ Records, he’s poised to make waves not only as a performer but also as a visionary leader in the music industry. 

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